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At Supreme Cabinets, we offer a wide variety of products and services to turn all of your visions into reality!

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3D Design service

With the use the 2020 Design software, let Nathalie make you an initial design. You will then receive pictures of your design by e-mail so that you may review them in the comfort of your own home and take note of any changes you would like to make. Kitchen designs are not just about the final look you will get, but it is also about finding ways to make your kitchen work for you! A well designed kitchen can make cooking for your family of 4 as easy as cooking for a group of 30!

All types of Cabinets for all your needs

We can build or order hundreds of different cabinet designs using lots of different available materials. If we can design it, we can build it! Whether you are looking for wood doors, polyester doors or melamine doors, we have the solution for you.

Authorized dealer for Triangle Kitchen

We are able to order your cabinets from Triangle Kitchen in Moncton. Triangle has definitely proven itself in the cabinet manufacturing sector and has been in business for over 40 years.

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HPL Countertops

Choose from hundreds of beautiful laminate countertop options in many different styles. We take care of cutting your countertops for you here at our shop using our very own countertop saw. Visit our main countertop supplier’s website for more information.

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Wood countertops

What is more beautiful than a wood countertop? We have the tools on site to make wood countertops and we can also order gorgeous wood countertops from our supplier Premoule. Choose from many different species and models available. For more information visit their website.

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Quartz, Granite and Precious Stone countertops

We are proud to be a distributor for Granit Design. Our supplier will take care of the entire process for you (template, cutting, polishing, delivery and installation). Visit their website for more information.

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Hardware and accessories

Anything from door handles, to hinges, to spice trays, to screws… We have access to thousands of products from the hardware giant Richelieu. You may visit their website to see everything they have to offer.

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